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Your story matters. Own your Story. The purpose of the mentor app is to collect stories and educational content to help students overcome challenges. We want every student to feel supported during emotional challenges and learn relevant skills to grow from adversity. Your story will be used to empower, and provide motivation to other college students. It will be featured on the app for others to read.

tell us about you

Would you be interested in participating in sharing your story through a video to be featured on our app and social media?

your story

Please use the space below to share your story. There are no guidelines, and we encourage you to share what you feel comfortable sharing. 

Some guiding questions that you can address are:

  • What were your experiences navigating college?

  • Did you face any struggles or obstacles? If so, how did you overcome them?

  • If you faced any mental health concerns while in college, did you seek support?

  • If you were a first-generation college student, how did that identity impact your time in college? 

  • What is some advice you'd give to current college students?

Every great story needs a great banner image.  If you'd like to use your own photo, you can upload a photo of yourself wearing college gear, your graduation regalia, or a photo of you at your college/university. Please upload your photo to either Google Drive or Dropbox and share the link below.

You can also use to find an image you feel represents your story. Just copy the link and paste it below.

Success! Thanks for submitting your story!

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